CCS Exam Changes Due To COVID-19

The global pandemic has impacted all functions of life, including the medical coding certification exams. Particularly, AHIMA’s CCS exams. The impact is significant because the CCS exam has what we call a beta period, during the beta period, the exam questions will change from the previous year, if students test during the beta period, their scores will help measure the viability of the exam. During the beta period, students use a later version of the coding manuals, thus different guidelines are likely to apply. With all said, due to COVID-19, the CCS exam’s beta period start date is NOT determined; however, testers must use 2019 coding manuals until June 14, 2020.

Additional changes:

•If you have not registered to sit for the exam, it is suggested that you schedule a date after May 15, 2020.

•If you are currently registered to sit for an exam, you can reschedule or change your exam date from the Pearson Vue website without assistance. A suggested reschedule date is after May 1, 2020.

•If you need to extend your eligibility period past May 1, 2020, please contact [email protected]. AHIMA will only grant extensions based on the closing of test sites and scheduling (check with Pearson Vue before contacting AHIMA)

•If your exam date has been canceled, you can reschedule from the Pearson Vue website without assistance.

•International testing window has been postponed: The new dates are May 18, 2020, to June 27, 2020

•It is strongly suggested that you reschedule, rather than CANCEL your exam appointment. If you choose to cancel, you will need to follow AHIMA’s cancellation process. If you decide to take the exam in the future, you will have to start the application process over again. This may cause your examination appointment date to be delayed by an extended period of time due to high demands.

Overall, it is advised that potential CCS testers pay attention to the global climate and the stipulations set forth by your state, local and national governments, as this will ultimately be your indicator when it is safe to navigate outside to test. So for now, if you are rescheduling your exam, the later, the better, and remember to use 2020 guidelines after June 14, 2020.