Sounds The Same But Spelled Differently?

“I was on my ship sailing the SEA because I wanted to SEE it.

The lady on the PIER with her PEER(s) said it was not FAIR that she had to pay a FARE to board my ship.

She was sad because she said she would be bored if I did not allow her entry.

I decided SAIL to the store to SELL something at the SALE and possibly BUY some things if I go BY the store. I waved BYE to my crew and was on my way.

The told me that once I got THERE not to forget THEIR supplies because THEY’RE stocking up for the next trip.

I packed a light snack of a PAIR of PEARS.

I arrived at the store. As I crossed the street to enter the store and the thought of my shipmate were in the PAST. The cars buzzed PASS.

The wind BLEW in the BLUE sky, and I closed my EYE to keep the sand out of my eyes.

As I was walking all of a sudden, my WHOLE foot stepped in a HOLE.

It was my own fault because I was trying to write a list, I learned the hard way that it wasn’t the RIGHT time to write a list.

I was glad I was not in PAIN. I looked through the window PANE.

The man at the store threw up the PEACE sign and motioned, offering me a PIECE of his cake he had baked.

He told me that he was trying to be an actor, but he didn’t like that the acting REEL is not REAL.

I looked around the store TO find the TWO of the things I was looking for. The lady in the aisle with me was looking for the same things TOO.

I picked up a WEEK worth of vegetables because I did not want my crew to be WEAK.

I saw a little boy trying to STEAL. His dad told him to put it back and to be still as he purchased his STEEL toe work boots.

I paid for my things and was annoyed that I had to get the PLAIN chips. Outside, a PLANE soared overhead.

When I arrived back at my ship, I realized I forgot to sale my items at the sale, I began to feel sorry for myself. I was like, “POOR poor me,” as I POURed a glass of wine.

I poured more than ONE because, as far as I was concerned, I took care of all my errands, so in my mind, I had WON.

My cat Thomas approached as I settled in. I said, “Come HERE Thomas,” and he acted like he could not HEAR.

I decided to rest until EIGHT O’clock because that was the time the crew ATE dinner.

I knew the cook would yell ALOUD “Chow time!!” No one was ALLOWED to be late.

As I tried to rest, I said, “This cannot BE…a BEE just stung me!”

The English language appears to be designed to be complicated 😊