CPC Course FAQs

What is the CPC Course?

The CPC Course is designed to teach students how to medical code for professionals (physicians),  prepare for the CPC® certification exam through AAPC, and how to take the exam at a rapid pace.   Upon completion students should be prepared to test for the CPC® exam.  No other courses should be necessary.

If taken independently,  If the student invests 20 hours per week toward study, this course can be completed in 8 to 16 weeks.  If taken Guided, this course can be completed in 20 weeks.   However the average AMCI student completes the course in 6 to 8 months.  Our Independent Course is a self-paced course, and can be started and completed at any time.  Our Guided Course is offered only in January and May annually.

The course is $2200.00 for one year’s (14 month’s) access.

The required text books needed to complete the Course are as follows: Current year ICD-10-CM , HCPCS Level II, and CPT – AMA professional edition.  The AAPC PMCC Manual, and the AMCI Test Taking Techniques Manual.  The descriptions of the texts are listed within your course, and there is a link directing you to purchase through the AAPC website at a special discounted rate.

Yes you can.  The readings for the first two modules are provided.  This should allow enough time to order your texts.

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Yes, upon completion of the course, you will receive 80 Credit hours of coding education equal to 1 year experience.  Also, AMCI has an internship program that can satisfy the 2nd year requirement and receive up to 2 years experience to completely remove your CPC-A.​

At this time, we are working on new contracts, and will announce them when they become available

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Yes, the CPC course is designed for new coding students as well as seasoned students.  You have the option to take our Guided course.  The course begins with Introduction to Medical coding and l the instructors guide you through the course and address more of the basic questions within the instruction.  You also have weekly classes where you can engage with the instructors.

Absolutely, the CPC Course is designed for all students.   You are not required to complete modules in the order presented.  We understand that some students have time constraints, and only need to focus on certain areas.  This course is very friendly to seasoned coding students, however, our less expensive FastTrack Course may be more suitable for you.

AMCI does not offer refunds.  We price our course at the lowest possible price.  We believe this is in the best interest of our students.

Our Courses, train students to solve coding scenarios quickly and efficiently, and ultimately speeds up the student’s test-taking time on the CPC exam.   Our comprehensive courses have the AMCI  Test Taking Techniques integrated within the curriculum.  Students participate in specialized webinar-based group studies available 3 times a week with low teacher-student ratios, unlimited timed Mid Month Mock exams, AMCI App (all access) for study on the go, and having the ability to network and support other AMCI students in our private Facebook group.

The AMCI Course offers student discounts for AAPC memberships and CPC Exams.  You will also receive a certificate of completion worth 80 credit hours equal to 1 year experience toward the removal of your CPC-A, and receive a free course to earn  36 CEUs after passing the CPC exam.   The Course through the group study enables you to have one on one contact with the instructors in the group studies, because of the low student/teacher, this is very beneficial and practical for students who have questions, and our Accelerator students receive priority placement in AMCI Corporation’s Coding company where you receive experience. ​

Yes playbacks are available in the CPC Course only.​

The independent course (at your own pace) designed to be completed in 8 to 16 weeks. We have students that complete the course in 4 weeks and others in 12 months. It all depends on the effort that you put into the course. ​

The CPC course does not remove the A, but provides you 80 credit hours (1 year toward the removal of the A).  You will have to enroll in our internship program for complete removal.

The additional fees will be for your Text books/coding manuals, and the fees required by AAPC to take the exam: Membership 90.00 and 325.00 (discounted for accelerated course students).

Complete the Accelerator course, and you will receive priority as an intern at the Absolute Medical Revenue Cycle Management billing/coding company.  When opportunities are available, and are alumni Facebook group posts entry level jobs, and internships on a weekly basis.

Currently, the internships are not paid, you must volunteer 8 hours per week.  This internship can provide you with experience toward 100% removal your CPC-A (apprentice status).  Yes there are opportunities to become hired for those who excel in the position, and we only hire AMCI grads.

Yes, if available and all of our positions are remote.

All you do is submit the certificate of completion to the removal department: apprenticeremovals@aapc.com

Here are the complete instructions: https://www.aapc.com/apprentice/applied-experience.aspx

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We offer specialized group studies Monday and Wednesday to our accelerated students. The Accelerator Course offers many more perks:

  • AMCI Test taking techniques are integrated throughout your instruction

  • 80 credit hrs toward 1 yr experience for removal of the CPC-A (Apprentice)

  • Unlimited Free Mid Month Mock Exam s (MMM™

  • Unlimited Free AMCI CPC Exam Prep Boot Camp

  • Attend AMCI Advanced Courses

  • AAPC discounts on books, exams, etc.

  • Upon Passing the CPC® exam you will be provided an opportunity to earn 36 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Group Study links are found in the CPC course.  To register, go to the Student Resource Center.  Keep in mind you will have to register each week for the webinars you’d like to attend.

Unfortunately, NO. The Flip/TAP webinar is available for purchase on AMCI website, but it is not needed if you are enrolled in the Guided Course, because Flip/TAP is included in your instruction.

After enrollment, you are prompted to provide us with your AAPC member or free registration number, then we add you to our AAPC website, this entitles your to click on the AAPC purchase link in your course and receive discounts.

You have 3 months to re-enroll and continue where you left off.   Contact customer service to make sure you have the instructions to cancel your Paypal subscriptions.

All Students must purchase the TTT.  Boot Camp Students receive a free TTT.

You can find the AAPC link in both the Purchase Texts module and the Student Resource Center.

It is imperative that you follow the instructions in your course. There is a link to purchase all the necessary AAPC products related to this course. I will refer your request over to our admin department to see if they can provide a letter. Please take a moment to review your course from top to bottom.

Absolutely No.  AAPC has a strict policy that CEUs can only be earned after certification.

You’ll have to do that in your change settings in your PayPal

The differences between PMCC and AMCI CPC Course:

  • PMCC students receive the full PMCC curriculum

  • It is the official AAPC curriculum

  • PMCC students study from the PMCC manual.

  • PMCC is more comprehensive than the Official CPC certification Study guide.

  • PMCC students have access to Mrs. Jay, she mentors them one Saturday a week.

  • The classes are much smaller and personable.

  • PMCC students get unlimited Boot Camps for 1 year.

  • PMCC Students attend all paid webinars for free. i.e. Flip /TAP, CHUN, MMM (Mid Month Mocks)

  • PMCC Students receive a lap top, PMCC students Books, Exams & Memberships are included.

  • PMCC students receive the AMCI guarantee of exam pass or receive 2 free exam retakes ​

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