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How to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) Through AAPC ?

Step #1

Prepare for Certification

Step #2

Pass the Certification Exam

Step #3

Congratulations! You are certified!

What is the big deal About the CPC® Exam?

The CPC® exam is a complex 150-question 5 hours and 40 minutes multiple choice exam. Testers must answer 105-questions correctly to pass the CPC® exam.

When polled, most AMCI students shared that they found the CPC® exam difficult because several of the scenarios on the CPC® exam were lengthy. Testers who do not complete the CPC® most likely don’t possess:

  1. A thorough understanding of the medical coding guideline
  2. Are not up to date with medical coding guidelines.
  3.  An efficient testing technique.

Most CPC® exam takers take the exam more than once. Fortunately, testers are permitted two chances to take the CPC® for the price of one.

What makes AMCI Different than the others? ®

The answer is simple. AMCI makes everything easy. Because of AMCI’s style of instruction, anyone can learn to code. Six months and a student’s best efforts will yield a 95% chance of passing the CPC exam on the first or second attempt. Click the button below to see what AMCI exam passers have to say about their AMCI experience.

How Does AMCI Do it? 

AMCI’s online courses simultaneously teach individuals to code and prepare them to take the CPC® exam. Upon completing the AMCI Medical Coding course, individuals are ready to sit for the CPC® exam. AMCI is a one-stop coding preparation institution led by certified instructors.

Using its trademarked Test Taking Techniques (TTT™), AMCI Certified instructors teaches individuals to become forensic medical coders. A forensic medical coder is the most skilled medical coder. AMCI tailors it’s style if teaching to reach all learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Tactile ) and all levels of learners. The AMCI curriculum can help anyone pass the CPC® exam. Ready to get started?  Click the Red Button to find out more.

How Does AMCI Help me After I pass the CPC® Exam?

After a student passes the CPC ® exam, they receive a letter indicating the number of Continuing Educational Units (CEU) they are required to obtain to keep their certification active.  Currently, the maximum required CEU is 36 every two years.  Failure to obtain the CEUs will result in the loss of CPC® Certification.  AMCI gives all students an opportunity to earn up to 36 CEUs immediately after passing the CPC® exam.  AMCI Alumni’s who have joined the AMCI Alumni Facebook Group, receive free CEU opportunities every February and July. 

I have more Questions where is your FAQ?

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