About Us

At AMCI, We Don’t Just Develop Exam Passers, We Produce World-Class Coders!

Our mission is to prepare students for a career in medical coding. The AMCI curriculum facilitates medical coding guideline mastery. AMCI students who complete our courses successfully pass the highly competitive medical coding certification exams, most pre-employment exams, and are ready to enter the medical coding workforce. Through AMCI, individuals become Certified Professional Coder) CPC® and (Certified Coding Specialist) CCS®.

At AMCI, we value our students and their successes. We care about the entire student/coding experience beyond the classroom. With exceptional: 

  • Customer service
  • Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Learning Management (LMS) response time

AMCI produces some of the industry’s most skilled medical coders, and we are very proud to say, at AMCI, we don’t just develop exam passers. We produce world-class medical coders!

Questions about AMCI?

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