About Us

“AMCI, we don’t just develop exam passers. We produce world-class medical coders!”

Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI) is a leader in providing high-quality medical coding training programs to prepare students for certification exams in the field. Founded in 2014, AMCI has quickly established itself as one of the premier medical coding institutes in the industry, offering a comprehensive curriculum and cutting-edge techniques to enhance speed and accuracy in medical coding certification exams.

With a proven track record of high exam pass rates, AMCI has trained students from around the globe, including the United States and other countries that administer medical coding certifications. The institute’s trademarked techniques, including CHUN™, Keyword Concept, Facts to Remember/Guidelines to Remember (FTR/GTR), TAP, and ICD-CM Flip, have helped countless students master the necessary skills to excel in the field.

AMCI’s courses are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of medical coding principles, as well as hands-on experience with real-world coding scenarios. The institute’s online learning platform, live webinars, and forums allow students to connect with instructors and peers, ensuring a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Whether you are looking to start a new career or enhance your skills in the medical coding industry, AMCI is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and resources to help you achieve your goals.

At AMCI, we value our students and their successes. We care about the entire student/coding experience beyond the classroom. With exceptional: 

  • Customer service
  • Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Learning Management (LMS) response time

AMCI produces some of the industry’s most skilled medical coders, and we are very proud to say, “We don’t just teach you how to pass medical coding exams; we build a robust foundation for you to become a world-class coder, ensuring job sustainability and eliminating the need for further basic training.”

Questions about AMCI?

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