I would not have passed my certification exam without the amazing instructors of AMCI. They encouraged me every step of the way and taught medical coding concepts that all culminated in my passing my CPC exam on the first attempt!
Tamika Cunningham
I cannot thank the instructors of the AMCI course enough for the amazing program they offer. I took the Guided course and not only does it teach you core concepts and tips to passing the CPC exam, but more importantly HOW to code. Not only is there the core online course to learn from, but there is an optional TTT section aimed at key coding concepts, included Mid-Month Mock exams that were amazing at prepping me for the CPC exam as well as Boot Camps that help test your strengths and weaknesses.
Emily Starr
Thank you AMCI ! EACH AND EVERY PERSON ON TEAM is Outstanding, They all have an ABUNDANCE of tools and resources needed to succeed. The Instructors are knowledgeable. The way they teach and are prepared to answer any questions ,The admin staff also there to support, work with you for any query. You All helped me reach my goal! Your videos, explanations of the material is on top – like over 2000 exercise, TTT manual, Quizlet, MMM and BootCamp. I was very lucky to have found you when I did. I just can’t say enough about AMCI But A VERY BIG THANK YOU!! I would recommend AMCI to each and everyone who wants to prepare for this certification.
Vini Batra
Absolutely, foresenically fantastically wonderful. I highly recommend AMCI to any one is seriously considering a career in coding. The staff are very helpful and will always respond to any question or concern. The interest shown plays a great part of the encouragement many students need to believe that their best interest is what AMCI offers along with an excellent trashing program.The course is designed so that you will pass the CPT exam with a great understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and most important the guidelines. Follow the course, put in the work, and you will understand Coding!
Darcell Lewis
Worth EVERY penny! I’ve been doing this for years and nothing, no amount of studying or experience has helped me like your TTT course. Thank you so much for making this course and your passion! I passed the first part of my exam yesterday and take the remainder today, and I feel so confident because of this course.
Megan Dore
I cannot say enough about AMCI’s coding program. The instructors are SOOO supportive and the program is THOROUGH. They provide all the tools that you need to succeed in the course and pass the certification exam.
Andrea Harris
AMCI has a great content for medical coding students. Instructor breaks down the TOUGH CONCEPTS and teaches with SCENARIOS which is helpful for understanding. Instructor’s forensic – scenario based approach is great!
Padma Sri
Words really cannot describe how great of an experience I had with AMCI for my CCS course. The instructors are fantastic teachers and explain things very well. The classes are very engaging and interactive – not just sitting and watching a lecture. You will interact during the class. I came out of this course feeling very prepared to take my CCS exam. I highly recommend AMCI – you won’t be disappointed.
Amy Carr
Hands down the number 1 reason I passed my CPC exam on the first try. The classes were well organized and extremely easy to understand. It was easy to contact instructors and get assistance with anything that was needed. Highly recommend AMCI!
Rachel Simmons
In 2016 I enrolled in a class to help prepare me for the CPC test. After about 2 months I realized that I was in over my head. Desperate and determined to pass the test, I began to Google help for the test. I came across Mrs. Jay’s videos and it was the best thing that ever happened. Her clear and concise teaching abilities helped me to pass the CPC test on my first attempt. Thank you Mrs. Jay and your wonderful staff for caring and believing in me.
Damaris Rodriguez
I was introduced to AMCI through a Facebook post regarding free CEUs from their March Madness webinars. I am a seasoned coder working as an auditor in my current place of employment, so these webinars were just what I needed to assist in making me a better and informed auditor. I’ve learned a great deal of information that was lost to me due to not coding all specialties due to the demographics of the facility where I work. I signed up for the TTT class, which helped tremendously as each section and guidelines within the CPT manual were explained entirely. If you need a refresher or want to take a course for an additional certification, take a look at AMCI, you won’t be disappointed. The classes are very AFFORDABLE, which is a must when you’re left to pay for webinars and courses out-of-pocket. The instructors are knowledgeable and engaging. The content of the webinars and classes are designed for success in your chosen career field.
Shella McKinney
I will try and keep this as short as possible because if I list all of the GREAT things about AMCI, it will take tooooo long. Simply put, if you are a new coder and want someone to break it down to the smallest denominator, this is the place for you. If you have the fundamentals down but can’t get over the hump and pass the test, this is defiantly the place for you! When you apply the knowledge and test taking techniques from AMCI, you will pass the test as long as you don’t skip any steps. If you miss a step in Algebra, the problem could be wrong. If you follow every step correctly, the problem will be right. AMCI has a formula that works. After taking their Fast Track program, I past my CPC Exam the very next time. Also, I have never coded E/M for a company; however, when I studied AMCI’s E/M CEU program, it was instrumental in me passing my CEMC exam the first time. What ever level of coding you are at, AMCI will get you to the next level if you follow the program steps.
Ken Cruise
AMCI is the best school to learn coding! I’ve obtained 2 different Coding Certifications after completing their courses and passed both times on the 1st attempt. They are very thorough and the cost is very reasonable. The study is online and the instructors truly care about you, and are personable and very helpful!
Kathryn Harless
was introduced to the Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI) by a friend. As a healthcare professional, I wanted to learn about medical coding as this was not really a part of my training when I did my undergraduate studies. I enrolled and found that it was a totally different experience. It was a new world and I had to start from the Basics. However, AMCI makes learning fun and interesting. Coding Concepts are taught and reinforced through word games, puzzles, scenario solving and other diverse ways. The instructors are excellent teachers, engaging and very patient. The most important aspect about the Program is that it is 100% online! You can participate from the comfort of your home and classes are in the evening so can be combined with your regular job. Professionals from different background can enroll in the program. You really get a value for your money at AMCI. Good job, Mrs Jay and the Super A-Team!
Chinwe Onyekonwu

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