Our History

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history” -MLK

Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI) strives to provide the best possible curriculum to ensure successful outcomes on medical coding certification exams. Founded in 2014, today, AMCI is a leader in medical coding training and preparing testers for the CPC® CCS-P and CCS® medical coding exams. Our program ranks among the best, with one of the nation’s highest exam pass and pass-percentage rates/ratios. AMCI’s reach spans the globe providing training to students in the United States and all countries that administer certifications.

In 2015, AMCI gave away a free comprehensive coding course on YouTube passing over 3000 students.

By 2017, AMCI developed several trademarked techniques that enhance speed and accuracy when taking the medical coding certification exams, which include:

  • CHUN™ – the AMCI signature CPT® manual annotation technique 
  • Keyword concept – the AMCI certification exam scenario-solving method
  • Facts to Remember/Guidelines to Remember (FTR/GTR) –  an AMCI compilation of CPT® procedure coding guidelines with simplified explanations.
  • TAP (Tab Annotate Placement) – an ICD-10-CM guideline annotation technique
  • ICD-CM Flip – a learning and resource tool for ICD-10CM-specific coding guidelines

Today, AMCI students that complete AMCI courses attain a 95% exam pass rate.

AMCI students benefit from our group forums, simulated timed certification exams, specialized weekly live webinar classes, Learning Management System (LMS), MCG™ manual, and boot camps.    

If you have the desire and drive to become a certified medical coder, we invite you to enroll as a first/final step in your preparation and journey toward a rewarding career as a Certified Medical Coding Professional.

Questions about AMCI?

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